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Parent Survey
Nov. 11th Veterans Day-No School

Nov. 16th Progress Reports

Nov. 17th K-2 Field day

Nov. 18th 3-5 Field Day

Nov. 19th Spelling Bee

Nov. 20th S.A.V.E. Graduation

Nov. 23rd-27th Thanksgiving Holidays-No School

Dec. 4th Winter Festival




Donation Tickets on Sale

Sell Donation Tickets and Win the Following Prizes

10 tickets=popcicle
25 tickets=name in a drawing for a gift card
30 tickets=fine dining in "Candyland"
50 tickets=Pizza
100 tickets=30 minutes in the Rodeo Rec Room

TOP SELLER=Principal, Assistant Principal or Coach for the Day



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7 Habits of Happy Kids

Be Proactive


Put First Things First


Seek First to Understand, Then To Be Understood


Sharpen The Saw

Contact Information

2558 Coastal Hwy
Crawfordville, FL 32327
Phone: 850-962-4881
Fax: 850-962-3953

Medart's Mission/Vision/Beliefs


To empower all students to become leaders and achieve success in all areas


Be Proactive: Take responsibility for my choices; Begin with the End in Mind: Have a plan; Put First Things First: Work first, then play; Think Win-Win: Believe that everyone can win; Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood: Listen before I act or talk; Synergize: Learn to celebrate and appreciate the differences in others; Sharpen the Saw: Take care of my body, brain, heart, and soul


Create a positive ripple effect throughout the school and community by cultivating student leadership
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